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​​​​​​​Welcome to Modoc Family Optometry in Alturas, CA, where your eye health is our top priority! Dr. Dearing and our dedicated team are committed to providing comprehensive eye care services, with a focus on various ocular diseases.

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1. Diagnostics Tests:
Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tests go beyond routine eye exams. We utilize advanced technology to assess your eye health thoroughly. These tests aid in the early detection of potential issues, allowing us to create personalized treatment plans.

2. Macular Degeneration:
Discover our specialized services for managing macular degeneration, a condition affecting the central vision. Dr. Dearing and our team employ the latest techniques to slow the progression of the disease and enhance your visual well-being.

3. Cataract Services:
Learn about our comprehensive cataract services, where we address clouded vision with precision. Our tailored treatment plans ensure clarity is restored, and we guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have.

4. Glaucoma Care:
At Modoc Family Optometry, we offer expertise in diagnosing and managing glaucoma. Our team emphasizes proactive measures to preserve your eye health and prevent further vision loss.

5. Diabetic Eye Exams:
Protect your eyes from diabetes-related complications with our specialized diabetic eye exams. Dr. Dearing conducts thorough examinations, focusing on early detection and implementing preventive measures to safeguard your vision.

6. Collaboration with Primary Care Doctors:
We believe in a holistic approach to eye care. That's why we collaborate closely with primary care doctors to ensure seamless integration of your eye health into your overall well-being. This collaborative effort results in comprehensive care tailored to your individual needs.

At Modoc Family Optometry, your eyes are in good hands. Schedule an appointment today for personalized, compassionate eye care that prioritizes your overall health.

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